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Hybrid Inverter

Hoenergy hybrid inverter adopts ZVS, phase-shifted full bridge and other technologies, while achieving seamless multi-mode switching, it also ensures safety, high efficiency, and low-interference operating performance, thereby enhancing the stability and reliability of the overall energy storage system.

Hybrid 3.6~6kW (Single-phase, LV)

Support all kinds of special scenes

Indoor, outdoor,high-cold and humid areas etc.

Multi-mode seamless switching

Intelligently switch to off-grid when power outages

High efficient conversion

Charging & discharging efficiency reach up to 95% on the basis of safety and reliability

Excellent security policy control

Pre-set security measures for various abnormal risks to ensure timely prevention of risks from occurring and spreading

Hybrid 3.6~6kW LV Datasheet >>

Hybrid 8~12kW (Three-phase, HV)


125V-500V wide input voltage range
IP65 protection grade, wall-mounted to save space


Provides 100 % unbalanced loads in backup mode
Seamless transition to backup mode for protection against power outages


Touch flexible commissioning with smartphone
Remote firmware updates and customizable settings

Hybrid 8~12kW HV Datasheet >>

US Hybrid Inverter Split-phase Low Voltage Series

Wide input voltage range, support for high-power modules

Support for multi-machine parallel connection

Single-machine back-up mode load capacity 110 A

Clean energy self-consumption, reduce electricity bill

Power the entire home when outage

APP monitoring, manage and control home energy in real-time

US Hybrid Inverter LV Series V1.3 Datasheet >>

US Hybrid Inverter Split-phase High Voltage Series

Support for high-power modules

Power the entire home when outage

Provides 1 00% unbalanced loads in backup mode

Battery reverse connection protection, compatible with anti-countercurrent function

Support full power discharge, Auto management of battery charge & discharge

Realtime monitoring,hold your energy at fingertips

US Hybrid Inverter HV Series V1.3 Datasheet >>

Hybrid Inverter Datasheet

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